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Monthly Mission Focus – Society Of St. Andrew

The Society of St. Andrew salvages tractor-trailer loads of potatoes and other produce that are rejected by commercial markets or potato chip factories due to slight imperfections in size, shape, sugar content, or surface blemishes. Usually, these rejected loads end up at local landfills. Through the Potato & Produce Project, the Society of St. Andrew is able to redirect this fresh, nutritious produce to food banks, soup kitchens, food pantries and other hunger agencies for distribution to the poor. Click here for more information.

18.1 Million Pounds Gleaned from the Fields
10.4 Million Pounds Shipped in the Potato & Produce Project
A total of 28.6 Million Pounds Collected and Distributed
86 Million Servings of Fresh Produce Provided
5960 Events Held and 37,482 Volunteers Engaged

Mark your calendar to help with our 2018 Potato Drop on Saturday, October 13, where we’ll give away over 40,000 pounds of potatoes!

Please contact Stephanie Cohen if you would like to know more.