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Social Justice Ministry

at St. Mark’s UMC

“Educate, advocate and engage our congregation and community on issues of social justice, using the UMC Social Principles to guide us individually and collectively in serving Christ to transform the world

“Do all the good you can; By all the means you can; In all the ways you can; In all the places you can; To all the people you can; As long as ever you can.”  John Wesley

The United Methodist Book of Discipline shares principles that set out the church’s position on social issues. The social principles are categorized into six general sections:

The Natural World

We affirm that we’re responsible for the way we use the Lord’s creation.

The Nurturing Community

We affirm the family and work to strengthen its relationships.

The Social Community

We affirm all persons as equally valuable in God’s sight. We reject racism and assert the rights of racial minorities, religious minorities, children, youth, young adults, the aging, women, and disabled persons.

The Economic Community

All economic systems are under the judgment of God.

The Political Community

We hold governments responsible for the protection of people’s basic freedoms. We believe that neither church nor state should attempt to dominate the other.

The World Community

God’s world is one world.

In the Spotlight

St. Mark’s Social Justice Team is leading an effort to educate and engage our congregation and community on water conservation and the need for improved access to clean water.

We believe water is a sacred gift from God. We further believe water is a basic human right and not a commodity to be traded for profit.

2016 Book of Resolutions, #1033, Caring for Creation: Our call to Stewardship and Justice

780 Million

People without access to clean, safe water.

1,900 Children

Die every day from diseases related to lack of clean water

We need your help. We need everyone’s help!

We encourage you and your family to get involved with educational, enlightening and fun activities happening right now at St. Mark’s.


Our three session Sunday School class exploring water privatization and the world’s dwindling fresh water supply. We’ll watch and discuss the documentary “Flow,” and explore ways we can contribute to conservation and clean water. Next class starts July 15. Contact Lydia Fourman for details.


Show your support with a “WATER IS LIFE” BPA-free bottle, available for purchase at the Ministry Table on Sunday morning…and use the new water bottle “filling stations” in the East-West hallways.


Our Ministry Table to learn more and take the pledge to conserve water and expand access to clean water through our work with Team World Vision.