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Preschool Standards

Below you will find the St. Mark’s Preschool Standards for teachers and curriculum.


Teachers and administrator have professional training and credentials

  • Each classroom consists of a minimum of one teacher with a B.A. degree in elementary education or child development

Teachers and director relate well with children

  • Respect differences among children
  • Encourage children to express ideas
  • Set limits using positive discipline (no physical punishment, scaring or humiliation)

Teachers are well supported

  • Time is set aside for daily planning and ongoing program evaluation
  • Teachers participate in ongoing professional development

Building Positive relationships among teachers and families

  • Sensitive to family concerns
  • Teachers communicate regularly with the parents via newsletters, emails, phone calls and conferences
  • Teachers willing to work together to contribute to the success of the total program

Parent Involvement

  • Parents are welcome to visit the classrooms at any time
  • Parents are encouraged to participate in classroom and school events
  • Available opportunities for children to engage in classroom experiences with family members
  • Consistent yet flexible and responsive to the needs of the individual children
  • The schedule includes daily indoor and outdoor (or gym) experiences
  • Teachers use proven strategies and approaches to tailor the learning opportunities for the group and individual
  • A variety of materials and equipment are used to implement the curriculum
  • Children experience daily time for: Play, Self-initiated learning, Creative expression, Large and small group experiences
  • The curriculum fosters development in the following areas: Social, Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Creative
  • Learning is primarily active rather than passive

Class Size:

  • Two-year-olds – 12
  • Three-year-olds – 12
  • Four/Five-year -olds – 14

Physical Space

  • The facility meets developmental appropriateness and safety
  • Health and safety standards assure cleanliness and reasonable protection against illness and allergies


  • Assist the children to reflect on and extend their learning
  • Displays are at children’s eye level, when possible
  • Bulletin boards remain current and updated
  • Children’s work is present throughout the building
  • Teachers evaluate each child’s progress on an ongoing basis
  • A formal evaluation is conducted once a year and shared with the parents
  • Teachers and director are evaluated at the end of the school year
  • St. Mark’s School Board conducts a parent survey, as needed