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St. Mark’s Library

Have You Tried Our Electronic Catalog?

Available anytime…anywhere, the catalog can be accessed from your phone, computer or other device. Search the Electronic Catalog by title, author, or subject. Instructions and video tutorials are available on the News and Message screen.


Library News

Did you know that….

  • You can search the St. Mark’s online catalog by title, author, or subject with your phone, computer or iPad.
  • Many books providing support for caregivers are available, including those involved with mental illness, aging issues, illness, and grief.
  • A great many titles will also be found to provide support for Bible study, Christian living, Methodism, missionary work, inspirational leisure reading, and Christian education.
  • A detailed database is stored offsite for insurance and backup purposes.
  • An extensive collection of adult and children’s fiction titles is available.
  • The AV collection includes close to 250 titles for children and adults.
  • The average copyright date of the collection is a relatively recent 2003.
  • Requests can be made or a hold placed on any title by leaving a note on the checkout counter or sending an email to [email protected].
  • Suggestions for additions to the collection are always welcome.
  • Gifts may be made to the library in the form of memorials or in honor of individuals. Recipients or their families are notified and commemorative book plates are placed in each donated item.

New Arrivals

Embracing Wholeness an Earthly Perspective for Covenantal Living by Jessica Stonecypher – This book explores our relationship with creation, others and ourselves. We will engage in conversations with Biblical texts, current realities and possible ways to respond.

God in the ICU by Dr. Dave Walker – Dr. Walker, a successful anesthesiologist begins praying with his patients. The book is a story of needing more than medicine when you are fighting to survive.

Hot Dogs on the Road by Lena Epps Brooker – A story of an American Indian girl’s experiences of growing up in a black and white world.

I Can Only Imagine (DVD) The true story of MercyMe’s top song. The movie brings hope to many people and reminds us about the real
definition of forgiveness.

Joey + Rory Hymns That Are Important to Us (CD) A collection of Joey’s favorite hymns.

Online Bible

Be sure to check out the latest new feature of our online catalog. Numerous versions of the Bible are available online with search capabilities and audible features. These can also be accessed anywhere and anytime on your mobile device.

Questions and comments can be directed to the church librarians at [email protected].