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Justin Vance

Justin Vance

Director of Emerging Worship

I’m from “Ohisylvandiana” (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana). I grew up in church (almost literally). My passion for music and the church led to a passion for worship, which led me to Cincinnati Christian University where I got my degree in Biblical Studies and Worship Ministry. After school, I served as Worship Pastor at Seymour Christian Church for 4 years. Then I had the honor of coming to St. Mark’s, where one of my initial roles was to help start our contemporary worship service as the Director of Emerging Worship. I am a husband to Traci, and dad to my two (soon to be three) kids.

Favorite Movies: The Dark Knight, Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix (and all of them), Oceans 11, any Pixar movie, most Disney movies.
Favorite Books: Walden, Harry Potter Series, Fahrenheit 451, Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, Outside Magazine (not a book, but I love to read it!)
Favorite Sports Teams: Colts/Steelers/Pirates
Favorite Vacation Destination memory: Going to Florida/Disney with my wife and kids.
Favorite Local Restaurant/coffee shop: Café Audrey (Fort Ben)


Why work for St. Mark’s UMC?

St. Mark’s puts a high priority on helping people in need. Every year we cancel our regular Sunday worship schedule to go out into our community and the greater Indianapolis area and do service projects (Mission In Action Day). 4 times a year we host a Family Promise rotation, giving a safe space for families struggling with homelessness to eat, sleep, and hang out, while the program helps them get back on their feet. This is a small glimpse into the heart of St. Mark’s, and only some of many reasons we hope our values reflect the heart of the one we follow…Jesus.


What is your most memorable moment to-date at St. Mark’s UMC?

The gettogether…every year.


What most excites you about the future of St. Mark’s UMC?

As we seek the ways of Jesus, and humbly listen for the Spirit of God, there is no end to we can accomplish as God’s called out people.