Cornerstone Ski Trip


Cornerstone Ski Trip

Saturday, February 24th - 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

WHERE: Perfect North in Lawrenceburg, IN

WHY: A Cornerstone gathering to spend some time together in fellowship on the slopes – skiing and snow tubing.

WHO: Any youth in grades 7 through 12 are welcome to attend. However, youth in grades 7 – 8 (Middle School), may ONLY snow tube, unless a parent attends and skis with the middle school youth.
COST: $100.00 estimated, including 8-hour lift ticket (for skiing and tubing), ski equipment rental (if needed), and food during the day.
Questions? Contact Don Broad.

Each youth must have a current medical release form on file: Click here to download the medical release form.

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*Parent permission required:

We grant permission for youth above to attend the this ski trip with St. Mark's United Methodist Church. We understand there are certain rules they are to follow and that if they are broken we may be called to pick them up early.


Photo Release**

Photography Notice: Each week photographers capture moments from St. Mark’s events and programs. If you would like to request that your photo or your child’s photo not be used in print materials or on the web, please let the photographer know and email the church staff at

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