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Lenten Reading

  • Easter stories: Classic tales for the Easter season
  • Make room: A child’s guide to Lent & Easter - Alary
  • Lord of the 40 days: Meditations for Lent – Topping
  • Give up something bad for Lent – Moore
  • Family celebrations at Easter - Hibbard
  • Apostle Peter and the Last Supper (DVD)
  • The final week of Jesus – Lucado
  • The case for Easter – Strobel
  • Risen (DVD)
                  Look for a complete listing of Lenten reading in the St. Mark’s Library on the  church website, by using the search term “Easter”.  A printed bibliography is also available on the checkout counter just inside the library door.

                    NEW ARRIVALS
                    • What Color Is Your Parachute? – The 2018 edition of Richard Bolles best-selling  manual for job-hunters and career-changers.
                    • All This Reminds Us (CD) – St. Mark’s own Ros Gilson and Connie Mehl perform  many  favorite hymns.
                    • Matthew – Author Hauerwas, author of over forty books, provides theological perspective in this commentary on the Gospel of Matthew
                    • Dad’s Who Stay and Fight – Greg Trimble outlines the qualities of how to be a hero to your family.
                    • The Magnolia Story – Chip and Joanna Gaines give us a peek behind the scenes of their hit TV show, “Fixer Upper”, sharing memories of family and faith.
                    • Martin Luther: The idea that changed the world (DVD) – The PBS production bringing to life the struggles of Luther, one of the most influential people of the last millennium. 
                    • The Power of Parable – As one of the foremost historical Jesus scholars of our time, Crossan examines how fiction by Jesus became fiction about Jesus.
                    • Who Counts: 100 sheep, 10 coins, and 1 son – Sandy Sasso and  Amy-Jill Levine provide our youngest  readers with a creative retelling of three of the most popular parables of Jesus. (Children’s shelves)

                    Online Bible

                    Be sure to check out the latest new feature of our online catalog. Numerous versions of the Bible are available online with search capabilities and audible features. These can be accessed anywhere and anytime on your mobile device.

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